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The qualifying item and two of the small samples were shipped right away. Two days later I got another email saying the Clinique bonus had been cancelled, no reason given; the remaining 2-ml perfume sample was shipped all by itself! And the website is still showing a bonus is available.

Or else an offer to cancel the order if the bonus had run out. Not impressed, as I set out to the dollar store to buy packing tape to box up and return the items.

Clinique Bonuses in Canada - /

Talk about misleading advertising. A cosmetics bag that I could purchase at any dollar store plus half a dozen very small sample products.

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It would not work! I could get a smaller bonus with a different bag than was shown and then was offered a choice of one of two bonus pieces neither of which I wanted and no choice of colour. So I deleted the order and felt angry that you had wasted my time with false advertising. Christine Duyck. All the offers are while supplies last.

Sometimes the products can be replaced with different similar products, but all the details above were correct on the date of publishing this offer. Can you please tell us what product is included in the Clinique bonus starting March 15 at the Bay. To be honest, I have no idea.

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I recommend you contact your local store directly for the most accurate information. I was very clear over the phone that I was paying for shipping and handling only and my order was to be canceled. I did receive a microscopic size sample which exceeded the shipping and handling costs. We would like these TWO amounts credited back to our account immediately. Thank You. Please provide a phone number so I can contact you!

I am not happy with these products nor how my phone call to cancel was ignored. Would it be possible to send it to me? Is this product still available or has it been discontinued? I prefer a creamy makeup remover over the liquid ones. Holt renfrew at square one formerly sherway gardens , no longer carries any Clinique.

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I do not see the date for the October bonus time at Sears Canada. I live in a small town with a Sears as the only Clinique retail store for bonus time which I look forward to every April and October. Could you please advise. Canada has Sears, The Bay and now Nordstrom. Thank U! The blush was smoldering plum as advertised.

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Went to the Bay Fairview mall location to buy even better age spot corrector. Yes my daughter was at the bay purchasing a gift for me. The woman serving her at the clinique Counter was very rude. Gave my daughter the product with no price given. No choice for the free cosmetics bag. Tried to serve another customer when my daughter was there first To bad because I love all your products but rude people put me off. I had been using the even better clinical dark spot remover for over 6 months and did not noticed any of my dark spots lightening and the product started to turn a dark yellow so I stopped using it.

Not happy with this product. Now that Nordstrom and Saks have opened in Canada, do you think they will be offering Clinique bonuses? If so, will you feature them on this website? I also had a bad experience the last two times at The Bay. I needed to buy Perfectly real makeup Shade numbeer 04, which is normally readily available. No such luck. I ended up not buying anything.

Will go back to Sears! I made 2 attempts to make a purchase at The Bay, St. Laurent Mall in Ottawa — was looking for the latest gift with purchase. Service is so bad at Clinque counter on Saturday evenings that I will not go back there.

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I will contribute this lack of service to management and hoping if Clinque is advertising and promoting a business in which hours are am to pm that there will be a representative there to serve after I have driven 20 miles. I believe that this is wrong and false advertising of the promotion. There is no Clinique smart custom repair moisturizer.

Lipstick is not the Clinique Pop but regular long last only. This is very upsetting. Sorry to hear you have had a bad shopping experience. All the information about the last promotion 7-pc gift with Bold or Pop choice at The Bay were taken from official thebay. You may want to contact their customer service to explain you why you have received only 5 pieces.

Hi I want to know which bag is coming in Sears Canada. And l skipped that gift too. Thank you saima. Hi Manjit! Orders typically get sent out a couple days after the Bonus starts. You should be able to preorder from your local HBC store however the preorder gift may vary from store to store. Pretty poor bonus services to your Canadian customers.

You are making it harder and harder To get your products now without Sears, and Holt Renfrew so few. After being a customer for fourty some years, I have to look harder and go further for products. I purchased I think your restrictions and rules very shoddy. Do you have information about the next gwp at Holt Renfrew?

They usually have one in early November. You can choose the lipgloss colour too! I think its Clearly Pink and Juicy Apple. Is the clinique bonus offer applicable to purchases online sears. I do not see it up to the point that I a, about to complete my purchase. I live in Chatham, Ontario. I am very upset that those living in Chatham-Kent no longer have access to Clinique Produces ,they recently closed our Clinique counter at our Sears because we are an outlet store only.

We now have to travel 1hour East ,West or North to get to a counter and even hope that we that we would receive the service we received at home from our own representative Michele. Many people in this area of , unless able to travel are missing out on your product we have used for years and you as a company will be losing a fair amount of revenue. We are very unsure if many will be able to continue to use your product due to availability. I know we can order on line but when it comes to make-up , I for one want to see ,also in this area many may not have that ability as well as traveling to a Counter out of town.

Some of them stock Clinique products. Your Clinique Bonus used to have a choice of lipstick colours but for the last while that has not been an option. Twice now I have received lipstick that is a colour I cannot use Please give consideration to bringing the option with two colour choices back.

What is adress nickname and why does it not accept my address.

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I have lived here for over 50 years. Any idea when the nxt. My guess is The Bay.

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BTW…love your site, visit regularly! Email me a contact phone number please.