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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

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This plug-in will make Apple's iSync to working with your Nokia! Also syncing iPhoto is just not possible at this moment with your phone!

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You can browse you phone with the OSX bluetooth Utility. See the bvrowse device option. Just try if you can connect the phone with USB for charging and storage drive mode. If these features don't work then then they are also NOT going to work for Now. Maybe in a later release off OSX and iSync. Hopefully this is helpfull or solved your problem. Consider rewarding some points! Please see the "helpfull" and "solved" button's on top off this message!

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Apple: Why reward points? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Julian Wright Julian Wright. Currently there's no direct solution for syncing iPhoto pictures, but you can easily copy them to and from the phone via USB and Bluetooth. User profile for user: Mookie Kong Mookie Kong.

A lot cheaper than the other plug-ins also. There's a tiny camera application launcher button that turns the camera on and off as well as controlling the lens cover. When the camera app is running the entire screen becomes the viewfinder and it runs in landscape orientation.

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The topmost number key row become camera settings buttons and light up in blue. Photo quality is excellent overall, with more usable data than the Ki and Ki's 3MP images and better exposure no white haze or washed out effect which we sometimes noticed with the Ki. Colors are accurate, if not sometimes understated and we couldn't find a hint of color cast in outdoor shots. Indoor shots became overly warm as the camera didn't compensate well enough for incandescent lighting in auto exposure mode with the flash on turning off the flash fixed the problem.

Indoor evening shots in poor light were pleasing with good blacks, but surprisingly the N95 managed a more exposed shot Nokia's weak spot used to be their low light image quality. The Ki's Xenon flash illuminates close subjects very well, but doesn't add much ambient lighting, which means your subject will be decently exposed but awash in a sea of near blackness.

For all but dark club shots and outdoor night shots, we recommend experimenting with turning the flash off-- we consistently got brighter and more balanced shots with it off. The camera uses an LED actually 3 tiny LEDs to illuminate the scene for focus and fires the power-hungry Xenon flash only when snapping the photo. Should Ki owners upgrade based on the higher resolution camera? But if you want to print photos, the extra pixels and sharper images are worth it.

From what we can tell, the lens quality hasn't improved. Sony Ericsson's BestPic feature shoots several shots with varied settings so you can choose the best one, and Photo fix lets you tweak photos you've taken before transferring them to a PC. The camera has 16x digital zoom, but alas no optical zoom that's still a rarity on camera phones. Though only QVGA resolution, video quality is very good with no jerkiness or blockiness. Colors are strong and accurate, even in low light and sound is clear.

Photos taken at 5MP auto settings with the Ki. Color balance in auto mode is too warm. The Netsuke was in a room on a white not yellow shelf with good natural lighting. No complaints for the other two images to the right, which are excellent. Though the N95 tends to over-enhance colors, the Ki's are more vibrant in this photo.

Absolutely perfect shot! Good depth of field with strong detail on the lilly and no washing out of highlights.

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Not good with auto settings and Xenon flash on a very dark day indoors that looks more like the dead of night in this photo. The camera did a better job of this shot with the flash turned off. Though not a great capture, the N95 wins here for getting ambient light right and exposing the scene more accurately and with more light. Too warm and white fur is over exposed, fur shows the N95's tenancy to oversharpening. The phone has 40 megs of free internal memory for storage and a memory card slot that accepts Memory Stick Micro M2 and microSD cards microSD card support is rare from Sony Ericsson thanks to Sony's interest in the Memory Stick format.

Sony Ericsson does not disclose the CPU used in their phones. It supports Java 3D, and gaming is a strong focus for Sony Ericsson. The phone ships with 2 games pre-installed, 3D Marble Madness and Tennis. Marble Madness is very cool and a great deal of fun since it uses the phone's motion sensor, which means you tilt and turn the phone to guide the marble through the maze. Tennis supports multiplayer over Bluetooth. The Ki comes with a PIM suite contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. These are fairly powerful by feature phone standards, with most Outlook fields supported included home and work address, email address, URL, birthday and more.

In addition the contacts app can copy contacts to and from the SIM and backup the address book to a memory card. The calendar application has day, week and month views and has alarms and repeat even support. Also included is the Netfront web browser, which is far superior to most feature phone browsers, though it can't compete with the excellent Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphone web browser even other smartphones come up short against Nokia's browser.

Netfront on the Ki works with WAP and HTML sites and can render a page in best fit mode single column view or in desktop browser mode with reasonable fidelity. Complex page layouts and dynamically generated pages i. An RSS reader is integrated, and there's support for SSL, downloads over the web, cookies, caching and landscape mode. The phone also supports push email and syncing with MS Exchange server. You can download it for free from our site.

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This is an iSync 2. Though this is a Cybershot and not a Walkman phone, the Ki is one of Sony Ericsson's flagship phones, and the Ki's music-oriented feature set is identical to most Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. Auto-rotate of the display works in the Media suite of applications, and it's generally fairly responsive, though a little slow to rotate back to portrait mode compared to the initial quick rotate to landscape when the phone's turned sideways.

Video playback performance is better when auto-rotate is turned off. The display is one of the best we've seen on a mobile phone: extremely bright, sharp and saturated. Colors pop from the 2. Media uses the Sony PSP interface which is both intuitive and cool looking. The app handles photos, video and music. The FM radio app can save favorite channels and play the radio in the background and through the speaker, though the headset must remain attached since it functions as the antenna.

The Ki has Sony Ericsson's free TrackID service that identifies songs playing on the radio or in the environment, and this feature works quite well it requires a data connection since the track info is downloaded over the Internet using the phone's browser. The phone has flight mode so you can use the multimedia features with the phone's cell radio turned off. Bluetooth is available in flight mode, so you can use a stereo Bluetooth headset. Audi quality through stereo earbuds and even stereo Bluetooth headsets is excellent, with good stereo separation, strong bass even stronger if you turn on Megabass and clear highs.

The phone definitely makes a good iPod substitute when used with a 2 or 4 gig card. We loaded a 4 gig microSD card with songs and ran the player for 6 hours with plenty of battery left to spare.

To transfer songs and other media to the phone you can use a card reader or put the phone in USB 2. The Ki has Bluetooth 2. It supports most every commonly available profile including the beloved A2DP and AVRC profiles for Bluetooth stereo headsets and headphones a nice companion to the Walkman-like music features.

We tested the phone with the Motorola S9 Bluetooth stereo headset and got some of the best sound we've ever heard come out of those headphones whose bass otherwise seems a little weak earbuds just don't deliver a lot of bass oomph and we heard less white hiss than usual the S9 tends to have background hiss with most phones. The Plantronics Pulsar stereo headphones likewise sounded excellent, with range approaching 30 feet. Standard mono headsets using the headset and handsfree profiles likewise offered good audio for calls with excellent voice clarity and better than average range.

We tested the Plantronics Discovery which has a great DSP but generally poor range feet with most phones and got 25 feet of range. The Jawbone worked well with good volume it can be a bit quiet on incoming voice with some phones and 15 feet of range. The phone has Bluetooth power-saving mode, which reduces Bluetooth power consumption but can only be used when you wish the phone to connect to only one Bluetooth device at a time. The Sony Ericsson has great battery life that beats the N hands down when both phones are in 3G mode.

Of course, the N95 does have WiFi and a GPS, but of which can consume a great deal of power, but we're basing our comparison with those features not used. The close similarities end there. The question is: do you want a smartphone? If the answer to these questions is yes, the N95 is your animal.