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He received a suspended sentence of six months and spent six days in prison. January began with trouble for Bizzy: an assault case from Columbus, Ohio. Charged with assault and disorderly conduct, the victim was a student barber at Hair Experts Beauty School in Columbus, Ohio and claimed Bizzy pushed him down the beauty school stairs in retaliation to the victim — or someone else — making disparaging comments about Bizzy. The charges were eventually dropped: the complainant alleged theft, while Bizzy claimed nothing more than an overzealous fan. In February , Krayzie and Wish founded ThugLine Records, a subsidiary which allowed the two business partners to venture outside of the Bone collective.

April brought the solo debut from Krayzie, the double-disc Thug Mentality Certified platinum in less than a year, the album featured several previous collaborators, including Romeo Antonio. The remix featured Krayzie and was co-produced by Damizza, who made his production debut.

Diddy is my guy, we have done songs together, and he has taken me out to the Bahamas. I have had a ball with P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family; he has shown me nothing but love. We did some shows together. They was fun as fuck. We had a blast with Bone. The original album featured several rappers as well as Layzie, Krayzie and Bizzy. There are no boundaries, no fences.

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If I like it, then it will inspire me to create. In February , the group released their fourth studio album, BTNHResurrection despite no group album in three years. The whole concept was like everybody doubting us. The media is trying to break us down on every little fluke and flimsy that they could find. Our writing skills had gotten better and more in detail. This one, we just really grew up on this album. BTNHResurrection was certified platinum in less than a single month and marked the last time the quintet of Bone would make an album for over a decade. Business and money, it does destroy some of the closest relationships.

And it almost took my life. Flesh-N has consistently remained the most confounding member of Bone. A former student-athlete at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, he was the last member to sign with Ruthless and the first to release a solo album. The oldest and largest member yet the elder brother to the smallest and leader of the five. The most decorated criminal background, yet the same team member who worked, saved and purchased the initial Greyhound bus tickets for the other four members and himself.

He was also put on Lithium. Doctors called us and tried to get us to release him to their care. In , Flesh-N was convicted of assault and making terrorist threats, placed on two years probation and sentenced to thirty days in jail for violating a previous probation. In , he was convicted of spousal battery and sentenced to forty-five days in jail and two years probation — later to another sixty days for violating probation. Flesh-N was wanted on seven assault charges dating back to — including one recording studio fight which also involved Layzie.

Flesh-N and his brother-in-law were charged with possessing a destructive device, possessing an explosive and discharging a firearm with gross negligence; police allegedly found an AK assault rifle, a quarter-stick of dynamite and three M firecrackers. He was sentenced to forty-nine days with an additional forty-two days for violating probation after he pleaded no contest to assault, possessing an explosive device and making a terrorist threat.

One of the guns retrieved in the arrest was traced to the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, California.

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If the criminals understand that the people are armed, they might have a second thought before they commit a crime. Less than five days later, Flesh-N allegedly threatened to kill the elderly neighbor who lodged the fireworks-related complaint. Flesh-N allegedly climbed onto his roof, exposed himself and threatened to kill the man and sexually assault his wife.

He was then charged with making terrorist threats and intimidating a witness. In February , after pleading no contest to charges of assault and possession of illegal fireworks in exchange for dropping the terrorist threats and weapons offense charges, Flesh-N was sentenced to one hundred-twenty days — minus thirty days time served — and three years probation.

Prosecutors had pushed for a lengthier sentence, but San Fernando Municipal Court Judge John Gunn took into account the recent alcohol treatment and anger management completed by Flesh-N. Although Gunn ruled the sentence to begin in March , Flesh-N was awarded a nine-day reprise which allowed additional time to finish his album 5th Dog Let Loose.

In December , Flesh-N allegedly pulled a loaded AK out of a baby crib and aimed the gun at an associate before chasing him from his apartment. In January , Flesh-N was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, illegal possession of a shotgun, making a terrorist threat and resisting an officer. Facing up to nineteen years and eight months in prison, Superior Court Judge Darlene Schempp gave him a lesser term after she reviewed documents which showed he suffered horrific child abuse. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison for assault with an AK rifle and for being an ex-convict with a gun.

Notably missing was Krayzie and Souljah Boy:.

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But I will tell you those busters were haters and terrible businessmen. There was a lot of tension in the city; my beef with them was a real beef — especially with Krayzie and Layzie. Jealousy and fear of someone getting bigger than you in music was a problem they had to deal with and still do. In July , Sylk-E. In September , Flesh-N was sent to Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California for twelve years on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and probation violation; he was also required to undertake another anger-management course. I been through it all.

My experiences speak that. The sophomore effort featured Layzie and Wish as well as B. Knocc Out, Montell Jordan and Kurupt. Straight uncut. With the material that I am presenting on this album, it can go both ways.

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You know, I put my heart and my soul into that album. They were in the next room just goofing around writing and I walked in on them. First thing that comes to my mind is: Thank you Jesus I met them!


The nearly eight-year absence of Flesh-N would be the first real splintering amongst the group — but not the last. Krayzie Bone was one of my first big collaborations. I want the company to be known as more than just a rap label; this is a home for ground-breaking new and established artists catering to the urban community. Woods-Wright was immediately responsible for restructuring Ruthless in order to resurrect the previous success: from until , the label did not produce a certified gold nor platinum record with the exception of Bone Thugs.

Her vision of restructure did not blend with the expectations of Bizzy:. Eazy knew how to treat people. Everybody knew what Dre and other people said about him. It was different.

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In February , with the lawsuit active, two original Bone-related songs appeared on the soundtrack for the film Down To Earth , starring and co-written by starring Chris Rock:. Later in February , Bizzy dropped the lawsuit after Sony agreed to release him from his contract.

Shortly after, three separate solo Bone projects were released — two released in the same day. I think I do that pretty well. Executive Produced by Woods-Wright, the album featured production from L. A makeup artist was spraying him with liquids when Layzie accidentally suffered a quarter-inch abrasion on the pupil of his right eye; he had to cancel or postpone several promotional appearances:.

In June , Bone informed Ruthless they would no longer provide new material, citing provisions of the California Labor Code , which allow termination of personal-service contracts after seven years. Ruthless maintained the group still owed material for three more albums, stipulated by the original contract signed in May In July , Ruthless filed their own lawsuit against Bone, claiming multiple breaches of contract. While Ruthless maintained copyright control over Thug By Nature , Epic Records manufactured and distributed the record.

I got Sade on here!

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It was cool, we would all be in the same studio, and Krayzie would have the back room rented out and I would have the front room rented out. And we would go back and forth.

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It was his shit. An hour into the show, several fights and brawls broke out both backstage and within the audience. She returned the favor and did something for my new album. We put a message with our music too, and I think that has a lot to do with longevity.

Weston, Jr. We just vibed and ended up doing two songs that night. Bizzy Bone and Snoop Dogg are the realest cats I know. In September , Bizzy was temporarily kicked out of the group for the first time — allegedly too drunk to perform at their headlining slot on the Grey Goose Tour at the B. The decision to remove Bizzy shed light on the ongoing fundamental disagreements between him and Krayzie:.