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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

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Chmod command is used to set permissions on a file from the command line. This enables permissions to be granted to several individual users or groups. Unix-based operating systems OS are not susceptible to invasion by most Microsoft Windows viruses. This is due to the binaries that are created to run on Windows and will not run on Unix Levie, Programs running in the virtual memory on the system can provided a lot more memory compared to physically memory. Even single processes are provided a virtual address pool with larger than the system's physical memory will allow.

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Playing with the process's address space, allows the program in virtual memory to do number of features, such as mapping the program's memory to device memory Corbet, In Linux, a process fork is an operation whereby a process creates a copy of itself by a system call fork , which creates a new process by cloning an existing one. The process that duplicates results in parent and the new cloned process is called the child.

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The parent continues the execution and the newly cloned child process starts execution at the same place, based on when the call was returned. After a fork is made, a new execute can be made, with a different program.

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When a program exits, it uses the exit system call. This system call will terminate the process and frees all its resources it was using. Another name for a process is a task. The Linux kernel internally refers to processes as tasks Love, The file system consists of two types of file structures. The first one is the entire hierarchy of directories or commonly referred to as the directory tree. The entire hierarchy of directories begins with the root and contains subdirectories and further subdirectories.

The two types of file mismanagement within Linux have its own set of rules used to control the allocation of disk space for each files and folder depending on the amount of data. The Meta data that contains the information such as the filenames, permissions and creation date are also stores there Filesystems, Linux is one of the more secure systems.

Hackers try to corrupt the more common systems and the ones that are more vulnerable which is the Windows operating system.

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Just like Windows you secure Linux with different essentials like a firewall, wireless security, and also disabling any unused services on the Linux system. This makes memory management pretty much automatic for mac users. The Mac system calls files objects, you still have to release objects or keep them if you are not sure if they have been already done so.

In the PC world we would call it saving and deleting an item Kessler, Retrieved 01, , from https: Accessed 01, By understanding what these operating systems have in common, the significance of the differences is clear.

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The OS UI provides a way for users to manage applications, data, software, and hardware. Manages Files — each OS manages, creates, stores, retrieves, deletes, moves files, and data on hard and optical drives. Manages Applications — each OS installs, uninstalls, runs applications and manages the interface to the hardware for an application.

Manages Hardware — each OS manages the permanent programs and memory. With the similarities in the forefront of our minds, let us delve into the depth of the differences in the Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. With OS versions popping up all around, a reference document is important to have, going forward; to guide us in the right direction, depending on our individual needs for the OS. The design of the operating system is important because the OS implements its own set of concurrent threads and processes.

This is the main reason some companies choose a Linux-based system over a Windows-based operating system, the variations in needs.

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In this paper, Team A will attempt to distinguish the basic system differences of each OS and therefore come to a conclusive evidentiary finding, which will show the strengths of each OS, and the weaknesses. An overview is provided to analyze each OS in brief detail, compare, and contrast basic system differences in memory management, process management, file management, and security.