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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

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Game Boy P J. Famicom Disk System P. Virtual Boy P. Pokemon Mini P. Sega Sega Genesis P. Sega Master System P J. Sega Game Gear P J.

Pokemon Light Platinum DS

Sega CD P. Sega Dreamcast P. Sega 32X P. Sega Saturn P. Pico P. SG P. But none can perfect that which is why god sent Jesus to die for our sins.

As for the comment of god not being real. Every night when you lay your head down and you have that empty feeling in your heart and wonder what going to happen to me when I die, remember this thread. Misery loves company but don't bash god to drag others down with you. BTW anyone who hates on this thread Jesus said you will be hated because of my name so if you think about it you are making the Bible more true All my brothers in Christ and those who don't believe. Love you all and remember. God isn't about us burning in hell or going to heaven, although it's a big part of it.

It's about creating a relationship with jesus and loving one another here on earth.

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  • Yes we are called to live how god tells us yet if we focus on him first all that will fall into place. Peace and love from up above. Praying for love and spiritual enlightenment for us.

    By the way if anyone wants to strengthen their bond with Christ check out marked men for Christ. Org peace and love from the master Jesus to all who receive it willingly. I can't believe that all this started with a simple meme.. I do believe in god and I think that being gay is not only a sin, but also unnatural.. I pity their fate.. Listen up you homophobic defined by the dictionary as "having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people" idiots. Being gay isn't a choice, you don't choose who you're attracted to. It isn't "wrong" or "a sin" to be gay.

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    First of all, "sinning" is bullshit because we have enough science to disprove most of the bible so that argument is made completely void. Second, since I know you didn't pay attention to the argument against the bible, if being gay was "wrong" then why would God create them?

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    Sexuality is because of chemicals that were given to you as a fetus, and cannot be changed after birth. I can't tell you to "just start liking people of your gender" and expect any change because you aren't scientifically able to like them. I'm astounded that you have the audacity to even think of saying anything homophobic when all of science things that have been proven to be correct disagrees with you. This thread was a rollercoaster of a read. But just for the record to whoever said animals aren't attracted to the same sex--you're wrong. It's been observed in many animals, including some of my favourites--penguins, giraffes, and elephants.

    Also, Christ never spoke of homosexuality. Paul wrote about it in his letters though this sometimes depends on the translation , but in my opinion Paul was a religious zealot that Jesus would not have liked very much. In his letter to Titus, Paul encouraged slaves to submit to their masters. So I'm not sure we can just take whatever Paul says as the will of God, nor as the right way of thinking. Anyway, as a big flaming homo myself--let me tell you that no one would choose to be gay in a world full of ignorance and hatred like the one exhibited by this thread.

    Is no place safe from bigots? Wanna add something. You holiness should know that no matter what sin it is, be it a murderer, being gay, or lying, is all considered the same in Jesus. Also hating is something that the Guy doesn't like, so yeah. Keep preaching guys!

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    I hope someone will someday hear you guys out, but for this gay, I mean a hell full of gay people isn't that bad. Me and my friends is planing to seek out soul to the devil and be one of his underlings anyway Love, Jaques. This entire chain is a facepalm of stupidity, the entire arguement is pointless by now. I know, right?