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The piece release is available online now at maccosmetics. The kiss inside the box is a nice touch.

ATTN Ms. Monroe Fans: Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection

Hi Karen! Your photos are amazing. I was not completely sold on this collection until I came accrues these. Thanks so much! The shades are so pretty of this collection! I have officially discovered the joy of red! I love how neutral it looks! I really want the Legendary blush. Hopefully I will be able to get it when the collection launches in stores and at other online retailers.. Thanks for the great swatches!

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You take really amazing pictures. I love the kiss inside the box! Nice attention to detail. Hey Karen i just picked up deeply adored lipstick from this collection OMG it is my holy grail red!!!!

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I must get a back up Nothing else appealed to me from this collection. Okay so I went to the pre-launch and got Phiff! Love it! Went to get Little rock a day later online and it said sold out along with many others including my friends beloved pure zen. Went to the store and they said they are launching on oct 4 so they have to officially comment as sold out. I skipped the blushes but got the Beauty Powder the MAC Artist at the event swirled it all over my face and I was sooo glowy and all the lipsticks.

Pure Zen is part of the perm line so I saved a buck and a half and bought it in regular packaging.

Marilyn Monroe, 50 years after her death

As for the eyeshadows, I would've liked to see a brown in there. Yes, she used pearl and blue eyeshadows frequently but also used brown a lot to contour her eyes. Just my 2 cents!

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Absolutely agree that there is nothing really new or unique about the shades in this collection BUT the Marilyn Monroe look is all about classics, right? And they were good about that, while adding a modern twist here and there. I do agree that we've seen colours like this before, and in similar formulations. I actually really liked the blushes from this collection, but I do think there could've been one that had a bit of shimmer.

I also would've liked to see a darker beauty powder.

Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection In Stores NOW!

I would've liked to see a brown in there, too, and maybe a taupe. I have no problem with the eyeshadow singles being released, but I do think they could've had a better range of colours for sure! I like all the colours here, too, except for Pure Zen. I actually love all the shades here, despite them not being the most unique. Pure Zen is now one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I tend to wear it when I'm wearing a really heavy smoky eye.

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I like that it's not too nude, and there's a nice warmth to it that works with my skintone. That having been said, it's not the most exciting shade. I think if Scarlet Ibis wasn't released earlier this year, I'd go apeshit for it even though it looks a lot like Lady Danger. I also looooove Deeply Adored, 'cause you know my penchant for deep reds Your pictures are absolutely scrumptious. I'm kind of on a sabbatical, so I didn't pick anything from this collection, but Love Goddess looks divine.

Its probably sold out by now. Aww, thank you so much, Shivani!

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But there are lots of dupes out there! This launch features a total of 29 products —12 of which are new and limited edition, 12 of which are permanent, and five of which are re-promotes. Marilyn Monroe sees the release of five shades of lipstick, three of which are new and limited edition, one of which is re-promoted, and one of which is permanent.

It comes in matching cardstock packaging featuring the same design, as well as Marilyn Monroe's lip print on the inside flap of the box. Share This Post on: Facebook. Denise October 4, at AM. Denise October 4, at PM.