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After beating several circuits under Doc's guidance, he finally becomes champion after defeating Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream , depending on which version you play. The taller, tan, and blond boxer is stated to be Little Mac in some US promotional materials. However this is never stated in Japanese materials, and the producers of Punch-Out!!

If this is Little Mac, then he has changed his appearance completely in this game, with blonde hair.

Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)

There is no sign of Doc Louis either. Assuming the commercials for the game can be taken as non-canon, Mac had lost his title as champion to King Hippo fifteen years ago in the NES game, though his age is shown to be 17 in the game. Sandman , thus allowing Mac to become the new champion. However, all of his previous opponents want to try to defeat him and claim the title, thus Mac goes off to defend his title. He defeats all of his opponents, and remains the Champ.

There is no Mike Tyson in this game. However, Mac eventually grows tired of his fame, and after a small chat with Doc, begins his last stand , where if he loses three times, he'll retire.

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After going for as long as the player can against all of the previous opponents in their Title Defense strategies , Little Mac loses three times and retires. Doc visits a boxing museum and examines Mac's exhibit, containing images and trophies of his victories.

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After Doc looks at the same bike he rode to train Mac, he announces that he's proud of Mac and respectfully leaves. Instant Knockdowns: Use a one- or two-star uppercut when he is out of hearts.

Punch Out!! Wii Part 3: Another Giga Mac Knockout

Giga Mac has so far only appeared in Punch-Out!! Wii , as well as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Little Mac's Final Smash.

Little Mac becomes Giga Mac after one of the players fills up a blue bar with "Giga Mac Juice" by punching the other player at certain times. His snarls, growls and roars are provided by Frank Walker. Giga Mac plays like if the player was an opponent, similar to the ones from Career Mode.

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  6. This is because when he shows up, the multiplayer split-screen becomes only one screen, and in order to defeat Giga Mac, the other player has to dodge his attacks and then punch him. Giga Mac has moves that range from a wind-up punch to a double-handed overhead strike.

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    He can also earn stars just by posing and can also refill his blue bar, but it's recommended to use these when the opponent is tired, since both can be countered and in case of the latter deplete the majority of the bar. If the Giga Mac player doesn't do anything for a while, Giga Mac will face his opponent and roar at him, however, this doesn't actually help Giga Mac, as the other player can punch his face to get a star.

    Giga Mac actually can get up faster than Little Mac, with the ability to get up as fast as the count of 2. Instant Knockdown: Counter the taunt or the refilling move with a one- or two-star uppercut. Little Mac appears as an Assist Trophy.

    Little Mac

    He appears on the stage and dashes around, punching and using uppercuts on enemies. He often falls off the stage, however. He also has a normal trophy as all other Assist Trophies do. Giga Mac reverts back to Little Mac after 11 seconds have passed.

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    In the two-player mode of Punch-Out!! If they do, the game then shifts from two evenly-matched Little Macs fighting in split-screen to gameplay resembling the single-player mode, with Little Mac fighting a larger and slower Mac. The player controlling Giga Mac gains slower but stronger attacks, in addition to a taunt. This Final Smash turns Little Mac into a hulking monster of a man.

    In Punch-Out!! In this game, it seriously powers up his attacks and makes him even faster. He'll completely dominate on the ground, but air battles are outside his weight class. However, in Super Smash Bros. Jump to: Giga Mac and Pikachu. Ads keep SmashWiki independent and free: Retrieved from " https: Final Smashes Punch-Out!!