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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

Try again, or contact the server administrator to verify that you have the correct hostname, username, password, and authentication method, and that the server is running. It looks like your hosting company does not support SFTP. What does the transcript look like if you set the "Connect using" menu to FTP? I get further than that when I try to connect to kentandandrea. That suggests a problem with your connection to the Internet.

You might try restarting your router or cable modem if that's how you are connecting to the Internet. I am in Mozambique, Africa so is it possible the internet may be too weak. I tried publishing the website a few months back and it looks like the welcome page almost made it up. Talked to Godaddy yesterday and found out the www. After fixing that now I am trying to re-publish the entire website. Maybe you can help me with another question. When publishing the 2nd website do I do it through the New folder and can I publish more sites? I did see the other day the welcome page was published on the same window and my kentpowellart site.

I just purchased your Fetch program to try and do my corrections to my website. I currently have an IMAC running mountain lion, and I keep getting this error message after waiting for about 45 seconds. Connecting to phoenixfl A username is required for SFTP connections. Connecting to I have read the solutions above and have tried the SFTP solution as well. I get the same "ssh: connect to host You should contact the people who run the server -- the people who told you to connect to Perhaps the address has been changed.

Hello: I've tried the several options listed above and Fetch continues to stall out. Please see the transcript. Making data connection to I wonder if you've hit your storage quota on the server.

Seven of the Best FTP Clients for Mac & Windows

Ideal for someone with only one website. Updated on Feb 21, Simple interface. Simple setup. Profile Backup. I've been using a version of this for several years without issue. I've even used it to ftp an entire website from one host to another to save myself a couple of bucks in transfer fees. I switched to this ftp several years ago after running into a couple of issues with the client I had been using leech ftp and have never had an issue. GUI not great but after I'm used to it - no prob. Occasionally it will stop working on XP or Win I have not figured yet how to save and use the backup of sites config but don't really need it.

I don't need fancy. It works. It's well worth the price free.

‎FTPManager - FTP, SFTP client on the App Store

I've occasionally been told or felt it was failing. Occasional reinstall on top of the old fixes all. I don't need another FTP. In general, quite stable, thought was put into how it works and has all the options you would need. It works well when you need to upload an entire directory structure with hundreds of files. Even if it is disconnected from the server or a file upload fails it will reconnect and continue.

No need to babysit.

User Approved Software

It shows exactly which and how many files are left to transfer. It also lets you backup the sites you configured to a file so you can use it on other computers. I think that if while doing transfer you try to change a directory it will start transferring the files to the wrong place, so don't start moving around in the middle of a batch transfer.

Besides that glitch i didn't find anything wanting. I personally have been using this app for at least a year or two and have used many other FTP programs in the past and this is the best I've used. Updated on Oct 31, It has easy to use actions without much difficulty in adding or updating website pages. I've used this program for years, once you take the time to learn how to set it up took me all of 10 minutes , it's very simple to use.

Why someone would complain about looks of a program is beyond me. I would recommend this program to all. For being free, it is above the rest. This program does all I need to maintain 3 web sites. Simple to us and understand.

Uncluttered design. FTP log ins can be difficult to set up the first time.

Perform file transfers simultaneously. Supports secure file transfers. Bookmarks for fast connections.

Use FTP to transfer files with Core FTP

What We Don't Like Can't edit files from inside the app. Does not refresh folder views automatically. Some other features in FileZilla Server include:. Passive mode FTP. Bandwidth control to limit bandwidth usage.

Core FTP Alternatives for Mac

File transfer compression with per- IP address compression exclusions. What We Like Lightweight. Remote administration feature. Supports multiple connections at once.

FileZilla (Windows/macOS)

Can be complicated to configure. Server banner message. Email notifications. Execute a program after a user logs in. Execute a program when a file is uploaded, downloaded, or deleted. Auto-delete partially uploaded files.

Upload SFV check. Send deleted files to the Recycle Bin. Access control list for directories and files. Anti-leech protection. What We Like Simple installation. Supports encrypted file transfers. Many customization options. More features than most FTP servers. What We Don't Like Full menu hidden by default. Has occasional performance issues. Limited features in free version.