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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

Then go over to the "Account" tab and press the "Find it" button to fill in your modem's MAC address automatically. Insert the username and password that you received from your banglalionwimax provider. Save that profile for future use.

Click activate to activate the profile into the app. Then go over to the "Status" tab and click on "Connect" Your Banglalion connection should now be established and recognized as a Wired Connection by Ubuntu.

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Linux command Line and the interaction of users with Linux Shell with Linux Commands is the most wonderful part of Linux and is one of the most widely topic from interview point. Here in this article we are coming up with 10 wonderful questions that are important from the interview perspective and will surely add to yours knowledge base. How will you suspend a running process and put it in the background? These are root, boot and swap.

Name the Daemon responsible for tracking System Event on your Linux box? How will you do it?

How to view the contents of the tar ball without extracting it. How will you do this? Answer : A program request for some data and if it is not available in the Memory it is called as page fault. Page Fault occurs as a result of program shutdown.

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Answer : A return code is the feature of Shell. The result of return code shows the status of a program.

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R1 config router rip R1 config-router version 2 R1 config-router no auto-summary R1 config-router network R2 config interface s1 R2 config-if no ip cef R2 config-if no ip route-cache R2 config interface s0 R2 config-if no ip cef R2 config-if no ip route-cache. After a successful login, you will now be able to fully administer your BMi 4G modem, and will be able to open other special tabs.

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This is a sample once you have clicked the link it will give you an output, now you can check the source code, to see the password in plain text, ctrl-f to search for SIP the number you will see now the numeric-password. For educational purpose only. Mag rereboot yang modem nyo hintayin nyo lang.. Read More.


Go to - STEP 2. STEP 3. Click Firewall level, click Custom. STEP 4. Click nyo nyo ulit ung firewall level, pero sa pag kakataong ito i select nyo na ung ginawa nyo name, for esample ung ginawa ko ay new. This time i will be sharing to you a very Important aspect of using our Wimax modem.

As we all know and notice for the past months mac address are easily detected and being patched.

How to change wimax bmi mac address -

Meaning that after few weeks or even days mac address will now function properly because of Big Gs upgrade. Having the knowledge how to snipe for mac address gives you the freedom and peace of mind without worrying when your mac address will be dead.

Because with this method you will always have back up mac address for future use. In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to snipe using Wimax Bmm. You can apply this concept for all other modems with just a little tweaks of the settings.

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