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Here lists tutorial guide on how to convert WMA to MP3 using iTunes iTunes is an inbuilt application on Mac operating system that allows you.

On the tablet front, the The back to school offer is running in the US, UK and a large number of other European countries, namely: Students in the US should visit Apple's back to school website to take advantage of this deal.

Get an Apple student discount even if you're not a student | Be Clever With Your Cash

For UK students, there is a UK back to school website for them to get free wireless headphones. Fancy some other products?

  • Get $20 off an iPad Pro?
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The UK Apple website doesn't show prices until you sign in with a Uniday account. Visit the instructions from the Apple Student website for more information. As an extra way to save some money, Apple is offering credit in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card if you trade in your existing Mac or tablet, and even devices from third-party brands. This credit can then be used to pay for a new device - which could save you a lot of money.

US students can learn more at the Apple GiveBack website. UK students can also trade in their old Macs or other devices.

Apple Student Discount

As long as you're studying in a post-secondary education or high school establishment, such as college or university, and have a student ID or documentation to prove it, then you should be eligible for the education discounts. Parents of students can also apply for the discounts on their children's behalf.

If you're a teacher, lecturer or other staff member at an educational institution you can apply for the discount by providing an ID card, payslip or other form of identification that proves you work there. To make the process as smooth as possible if you're a university student, sign up online at Unidays , which is a free website that offers a number of student-only deals. All you need is your university email address that you're given when you enroll.

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If you're eligible, go to the Apple For Education website, which highlights the current deals on offer for students and staff. Shop Apple online. You can compare pricing and discounts on all models below: Model Discount Buy Online iMac New Apple Pencil pictured, sold separately. How do I shop and get the offer?

Get up to $400 off a MacBook

Who is eligible? The Apple Educational Pricing Offer is available to the following: University students and students accepted into university Parents buying for university students Teachers, lecturers and staff at all levels Apple offers free delivery or pick-up and day free returns to all purchases. Buying online may involve checks by Apple.

Is there any discounts on iPhone? Unfortunately, Apple does not currently offer special pricing on iPhone.